“You choose ATL, we help you find the successful business & personal relationships to make it HOME.”

What's Our Goal?

New2ATL is a movement designed to positively affect the lives, businesses, and networking experience for newly relocated professionals and any native professional who wants to join in. Our core objectives include: a. Bringing newcomers together so they can relate someone in a similar situation, b. Engaging natives and newcomers to shorten our learning curve and enhance our knowledge base of a new city which creates appreciation and loyalty, c. To make accessible the services & solutions of businesses to make life and business easier here in ATL.

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Who’s Our Target Market?

Business Owners and professionals, who are new residents in the city of ATL, have lived here for a period of time, but not originally from metro ATL and natives who need to connect.

How We Do It?

Professional and Social Networking Mixers

Join us at a different upscale hotel around the Buckhead, Downtown, and Midtown areas. Meet business owners and other professionals who provide the services you need most and friends that can last a lifetime.

Community Outreach

Join us as we get involved and become contributors of new communities. We also select a non-profit organization we believe in and partner to bring awareness, in-kind donation, and contributions from our members.

Social Gatherings

Social Dinners, Quarterly Business and Personal Development Workshops, Quarterly City Outings, Festivals and/or Tourist Attraction Visits

New2ATL provides the RESOURCES * RELATIONSHIPS * COMMUNITY for new residents.”

About the Founder - A. Davis

She has lived in seven (7) cities, four (4) states, and two (2) countries. However, Atlanta, GA is the only metro area she has resided for less than a year and confidently describes it as home away from her hometown - Hampton, VA.

Atlanta is truly the place new residents quickly feel compelled to Live it Up! Here she’s been unconsciously challenged to continue at a faster pace the growth of her businesses, develop professionally, and all while ENJOYING the social scene, great restaurants, amazing tourist attractions!


“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.”― Vera Nazarian    
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